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Dentless Repair near Me

Dent Dawg offers superior paintless dent repair in San Antonio. Perhaps, you are asking, where do I get dentless repair near me? In that case, talk to Dent Dawg. You can also drive to our auto repair shop to have the dent on your vehicle inspected by our technicians. We will give you a free dent repair estimate and do the repair job.

Paintless dent repair entails the use of innovative techniques to remove dings and dents from the body of vehicles. Our paintless dent removal does not cause scratches or more dents on the surface of the vehicle. We use modern tools and innovative techniques to remove unsightly dents without causing further damage to the vehicle.

Professional Dent Repair

We are experts in dent removal with vast hands on experience. We remove dents caused by hail damage and minor accidents among others. Our technicians use body picks and metal rods to massage or push dents gently out from the vehicle body panel’s underside.

We also use specially designed tabs and glue in some cases from the panel’s outside to pull out dents. We fine-tune repairs by tapping down the repaired part to remove high spots and shrink auto metal. This leaves the vehicle with a flat surface. Our dent repair process is applicable on both steel and aluminum panels.

Get a Free Dent repair Estimate Now!

Talk to Dent Dawg about dentless repair now. Our technicians are ready to come over and remove the dent from your location. Thus, it’s not a must you drive your vehicle to our center. You can engage our professional mobile dent repair service. Our technicians will arrive at your location in less than an hour ready to remove the dent from the surface of your vehicle.

Stop asking, who offers the best dentless repair near me? Call Dent Dawg now to get a free estimate or to engage our mobile service!

August 11, 2018

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