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You have several thousand dollars worth of damage. Hail repairs are rather costly. All it takes is a few dents on the hood and a few dents on the roof and you are over $500 worth of repairs. Out of the 1000’s of vehicles we have either repaired or inspected so far, we have not seen a single vehicle that does not need to make a claim.

Contact your insurance company ASAP and make a claim. They will give you instruction on where to take it for an estimate. There are going to be a ton of claims so the quicker you call, the higher up on the list you will get.

Once you have the estimate from the insurance company, call me and we will get you taken care of.

If you have broken glass call Glass Dawg (210) 425-7295 or visit us at

If you have cracked glass or paint, chances are high that the damage you have sustained is far beyond what can be repaired with Paintless Dent Repair. We highly advise you to call a collision repair center and schedule with them.

Due to the size of this storm all body shops will be back logged for months. Be patient. They will get to you but there are millions of damaged cars so it will take some time.


1. Call your insurance and make a claim. They will give you instruction on where to take the vehicle in order to receive an estimate. You MUST receive an estimate from the insurance company before anybody can touch your vehicle. The estimate will be well below the actual cost of repair but don’t panic, this step is just the first in the repair process and it’s designed so you get into the insurance database and get the ball rolling on your claim. Don’t hassle the adjuster for every dent or dollar. They don’t have the eye that we do which is why they rely on us to re-write the estimate when you bring the vehicle to us for repairs. Just take the estimate and let them get to the next Fellow San Antonio.

2. Once you have the estimate, contact Dent Dawg to get on the schedule. Once we receive your vehicle, we will circle up every dent on the vehicle and re-write the estimate. You will notice on the estimate that you received from the insurance that it will say something along the lines of “supplement requests need to be faxed or emailed to this number”. We will send the new estimate(supplement) to the insurance company.

3. Once the supplement is received, the insurance company will send another appraiser back out to re-inspect the vehicle with us. Once the insurance company approves the supplement, as long as the vehicle is completely PDR’able, turnaround time is 2 days. If there is any minor paintwork involved this will increase the repair time. You must also factor in the time that it takes for the insurance company to come out for the re-inspect, which can be several days.

Dent Dawg has 2 shops in San Antonio. We are a LOCAL company and we have our main, year round shop, but we also have 20,000 sq.ft. Shop in which we have 50 of the best hail techs in the country churning out 80 hail repairs per day. We care about San Antonians because we are San Antonian owned.

You will see many hail repair outfits all around town set up on the side of the road or in some sort of make shift shop. These are not LOCAL guys and it’s extremely difficult to know what kind of quality you will get with them. They are here today and gone tomorrow. Don’t settle for choosing their services just because it’s cheaper. In this business you get what you pay for and the money you save now can very well cost you more later when you have to fix their mistakes.



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They have a great relationship with the insurance companies, and an excellent reputation around San Antonio.

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