Dent Dawg

There are a wide range of San Antonio vehicle owners that Paintless Dent Repair by Dent Dawg could benefit.

1. Auto enthusiasts

Dents are inevitable, and we know that a lot of San Antonio, Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills car owners take pride in having their vehicle looking nice.  Don’t let that unsightly dent bother you every time you head out for a ride.  Bring your vehicle to Dent Dawg and feel good knowing that your vehicle is in great hands.

2. Owners selling a vehicle

A classic bargaining tool for someone looking to buy a vehicle is to look for dents, dings, body damage, or areas where a vehicle has previously been repaired.  It’s not a matter of if, but when, and how much a buyer will try to whittle the price down.  Eliminate this annoying and costly process by having Dent Dawg eliminate the damage for you.  When evaluating the current condition of your vehicle, and the question is asked “what is the condition of your vehicles body?”, make sure that it is in the BEST condition and that you are getting top dollar for the sell of your vehicle.

3. Turning in a leased vehicle

When turning in a leased vehicle, the dealership will pick your vehicle apart and they WILL find dentservices thanksg dings, or body damage that you may not have even known was there.  Most dealerships follow similiar guidelines at the turn in of a lease.  When it comes to dents, dings, and body damage, all panels with 4 or more dents will be considered excessive wear and tear and will be charged accordingly.  Being that 4 or more is excessive and 3 is within limits, don’t let them charge you for every single dent.  For example, if you have 6 dents on one panel, bring your vehicle in to Dent Dawg and let us repair 3 or 4 dents to bring you within acceptable limits.  By having your vehicle repaired by us ahead of time, you wouldn’t have had to pay for all 6 dents on that certain panel, and the ones that you did pay for were repaired at a much more reasonable price than the dealership would have charged you to repair.

Depending on the size of the dents, usually from 1 1/2″ and up, and whether or not the depth and location allow for PDR, the lessee will be charged for every dent. Whether or not taillights, a headliner, or an inside panel needs to be removed, these situations could incur extra charges. At Dent Dawg, we do not charge extra for removal of any paneling thats required to be removed to get to a dent. Prices charged by the dealerships could be as much as 50% more than what Dent Dawg will charge. In fact, most dealerships suggest that you find a qualified Paintless Dent Repair company to remove the damage prior to turning in the leased vehicle. Dent Dawg’s pricing begins at $75 for the first 1″ dent and $20 for each additional 1″ dent on that same panel. Therefore, the more dents that you have repaired, the more money you save per dent. If you have multiple panels on a vehicle that need repair, Dent Dawg with work with you to provide a very affordable price on the entire vehicle.

Hail can wreak havoc on your vehicles exterior. We can take care of all your hail damage needs. Contact your insurance company and initiate a claim. Your insurance company will send you to one of their preferred body shops for an estimate. Just because they give you an estimate, does not mean you have to use them. It is your choice to take your insurance check and use whichever company that you wish. Depending on the amount of the estimate and the extent of damage to the vehicle, Dent Dawg can save you up to 25%.


The process of Paintless Dent Repair is an art that requires countless hours of “on the job” training and an ability to play close attention to detail.

As an educated consumer, Dent Dawg understands that it is our clients responsibility to price comparison shop from one company to the next. We encourage all of our clients to shop around, because we are confident that our pricing and quality of craftsmanship cannot be equaled by any reputable Paintless Dent Repair company in the area. We have compiled pricing from our major competitors and designed a custom pricing sheet to ensure that we are the most affordable of the very few “high quality” dent companies around.

Dent Dawg strongly urges any potential clients to avoid dent companies with “low ball” offers on dent repair. The level of quality that follows one of these “low ball” estimates, is most likely just as low as the price. At Dent Dawg, we provide the highest quality repairs and we WILL NOT sacrifice quality to produce “low ball” prices.

To achieve the highest quality Paintless Dent Repair, the proper working environment is required. Direct sunlight is far from ideal to receive a great dent repair. This is why we frown upon “mobile dent repair”. Without the proper lighting, it is near impossible to repair a dent to it’s greatest potential. For this reason, Dent Dawg has a shop servicing the San Antonio area, including Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills, specifically designed with the proper lighting to ensure that the damaged area is repaired to extremely high standards. We have a comfortable waiting area with plenty of reading material, cable TV, free Wi-Fi, as well as a free snack and beverage area to ensure that your experience with us is the best you will find anywhere.

Call Dent Dawg today and let us save you money!