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Dent Dawg PDR FAQ's

Quite simply it is just what the name says. We use a specialized set of tools and techniques to remove dents from a vehicle without the use of paint, bondo, or any chemicals that are harsh to the environment. We take a set of specialized tools to the backside of the metal, and we gently massage the dent back to it’s original state, all the while being extremely careful to not disturb the factory finish.

By using Paintless Dent Repair instead of using traditional body shop methods, You will not decrease the value of your vehicle. Once the damaged panel has been grinded, sanded, and bondo and paint applied, your vehicle has just lost value, no matter how great the repair looks. If Paintless Dent Repair is an option, I would strongly urge you to consider this method of repair over any other. In fact, if the damage in question is a candidate for PDR, most body shops will call a qualified PDR company such as Dent Dawg to repair the damage.

The body shops know what we know. Using PDR saves all parties involved precious time and money while maintaining the vehicles integrity, thus keeping the value of your vehicle intact.

The answer is absolutely, without a doubt! Avoid having a buyer nickel and dime you just because you have dents on your vehicle. Sometimes you don’t have to fix all the dents. Let us look your vehicle over and recommend which dents are most likely to catch a buyers eye. By having the dents repaired before going into a sale, you will not only increase the value of the vehicle, but also avoid the headache of having to lower your asking price because of excessive damage.

Leases – Before turning in a leased vehicle, let Dent Dawg repair the damage and save yourself up to 50% or more off of what the dealership will charge you to hire their own dent tech to repair the damage.

Once the dent is repaired to perfection with Dent Dawg, it will never return. This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When paint is missing, chances are that the damages is too severe to be fixed. Also, most collision damage is too excessive to be repaired. At the point when a damaged area is missing paint and in need of body shop repairs, but one can not be afforded or possibly your deductible is too high, there are cases in which the damage can be improved drastically, just not to 100%. Typically this would be called “push to paint” except that the PDR process doesn’t use paint. At Dent Dawg, we call this “push to improve”. Because we do work with body shops, we can recommend several. It is possible that you will be so pleased with the “push to improve” results, that you won’t even need to seek out a body shop. “Push to improve” is evaluated and priced on a case by case basis.

Dent Dawg uses our own custom pricing sheet in order to provide a consistent price for every client and stays tapped into the PDR market ensuring the most competitive pricing in the industry. Price is based on size, sharpness, location, and quantity of dents per panel. The more dents per panel, the cheaper the price per dent. We can also give a discounted rate on multiple panels.

Absolutely not! There are quite a few dent techs that have been through a training that are still untrustworthy of working on your vehicle. Someone with limited or improper training can be just as dangerous as someone with zero training. All it takes is one miscue to cause irreparable damage. At Dent Dawg, we have worked on thousands of vehicles, and take pride in making sure that the repair is done perfect every time!