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Dealership & Fleet Hail Repair

Dealership & Fleet Hail Repair

Call us when seeking dealership & fleet hair repair in San Antonio, Texas. Our experienced technicians have been fixing new car dealership & fleet inventory hail damage for years. We know that the effects of a natural disaster like a hailstorm can wreak havoc. If a hailstorm has damaged your fleet or dealership vehicles, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

A hailstorm can occur at any time and it can damage even sold vehicles awaiting collection. It can also damage fleet and dealership vehicles during transportation. This can lead to several problems with your customers or staff. However, you can deal with the aftermath of a hailstorm by enlisting our hail damage repair service for fleets and dealerships. 

If your dealership inventory has been weathered by a sudden hailstorm, give us a call. You also need to enlist our service if you have a fleet of company vehicles or vans that are letting your business or brand down due to the many wear and tear signs caused by a hail storm. We are a professional team that has been fixing hail damage on dealership and fleet vehicles.  

Once you enlist our service, you will take your vehicles back to the inventory or road quickly and in an amazing condition. Just give us a call to discuss your hail damage repair needs or to request a free estimate at any time.

Making Dealership &
Fleet Hail Repair Simple

We acknowledge the fact that most businesses depend on their fleets to serve their customers. On the other hand, dealerships need vehicles in perfect condition on their lots to sell. This means getting hail-damaged vehicles to an auto body shop for repair at a go may not be practical. Luckily, our professional team is ready to come up with a repair schedule that works for you. 

Whether you have one dealership or company vehicle that needs repair or an entire fleet, we can come up with a repair schedule that suits your business operations. We can even send a team to fix hail damage on your vehicle right where you are. Alternatively, we can pick up and deliver your vehicles after repair. 

What’s more, our customer care approach is leading in the industry. It entails facilitating your claim with the insurance company. And, we can even arrange for your rental car if necessary. Be certain that you will get a highly efficient and cost-effective hail damage repair service no matter how many vehicles you have once you choose our service. 

Why Choose Our Hail Damage Repair Service for Dealerships and Fleets?

We appreciate the busy nature of life. Our crew knows that your job may not allow you to wait for days to have your hail-damaged vehicles repaired. That’s why we make the process of repairing dents and dings caused by hail storm easier. We make this process worry-free and efficient by working with you and your insurance directly. 

We offer: 

  • Flexible hair repair schedules 
  • Hail repair for commercial dealerships and government fleets 
  • Mobile hail damage repair using paintless dent repair method 
  • Free pickup and delivery of vehicles 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 

We have repaired thousands of vehicles damaged by hailstorms in San Antonio. Whether you have hail-damaged SUVs, trucks, or cars, we can repair them. We have the necessary skills, experience, and technology to take vehicles in your dealership inventory back to their pre-storm condition. And, we offer our service with little business disruption. Let us help your business maximize its profit by fixing all hail-damaged vehicles. 

Our Hail Damage Repair Process for Dealerships and Fleets

Our process of repairing hail-damaged vehicles for dealerships and company fleets is simple. 

Here’s what we do when providing our dealership & fleet hail repair service: 

  • Our technicians appraise and document the damage to your vehicles using photos. This documentation is very important because it helps in getting reimbursement from the insurance companies. Repairs start immediately if you agree to the terms of our service. 
  • Our crew will meet a representative of your insurance company to appraise the damages to the vehicles in your inventory. We have licensed adjusters that work as our appraisers and they handle the insurance company on your behalf. 
  • Using specialized lighting, our technicians will inspect every vehicle and appraise it individually. This eliminates price averaging. Be confident that you will be indemnified for the loss fully and receive full payment for hail damage, thanks to our knowledge and experience in storm damage appraisals. 
  • Our technicians will set up an appropriate repair area and start fixing your inventory. The technicians will liaise with your managers to prioritize repairs. 
  • Every vehicle will undergo thorough and strict inspection for quality control purposes. The repaired vehicles will be inspected for all items that will be removed and reinstalled to ensure proper fitting and function. 
  • All repaired vehicles will be taken back to their designated parking lot in proper condition. 

We have worked with many dealerships and company fleets over the years. Whether it’s one car or 20 vehicles that have been damaged by a hailstorm, we can help. Our technicians are ready to come to your yard or company premises to assess hail damage on your vehicle and give you a free estimate for each. And, if the amount in your insurance claim is lower than the actual costs of hail damage repair, we can negotiate with your insurer. We’re experienced in every aspect of handling hail damage repair for dealerships and company fleets. 

Call us now to get the best dealership & fleet hail repair service in San Antonio, Texas!