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4th of July Dent Repair Special

With the unpredictable weather hitting San Antonio this Spring, cars on the road are bound to be exposed to the elements. The elements can damage even the best cars. Dent Dawg is a paintless dent repair specialist that has the expertise and knowledge to fix even the most damaged cars. No matter the model or make of car, Dent Dawg will offer a reasonable quote and repair most damage within the day.

Dent Dawg is currently offering a 4th of July dent repair special! Between now and the 4th of July, we are offering free deductibles up to $500 as well as cash back up to $500 on all repairs. Some exclusions may apply to your dent repair job. This offer won’t extend past the 4th of July, so hurry and come visit us! Dent Dawg can save you up to 25% compared to other body shops, and with this incredible offer, you can save even more. We start at $75 for the first 1” dent and $20 for each 1” dent on the same panel.

In order to provide you the best and fastest service possible, Dent Dawg offers quick and easy quotes via text message. Simply send us a picture of the damage to 210-887-5672 and we’ll respond with an accurate quote. We can also pick up your car and deliver it to you once we have finished with the work. We do this so that you can be happy and satisfied with not just our repair but our services as well.

Dent Dawg is located at 10651 Sentinel in San Antonio, Texas. Our waiting room at our main location offers reading material, TV cable, Wi-Fi, snacks and beverages so you have plenty to do in a comfortable space while you wait for your car. Don’t forget to visit us, because our 4th of July dent repair special will only be around for a few weeks more!



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