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Auto Hail Damage Repair Estimates

Before visiting car body repair shops, most vehicle owners and drivers want to know about auto hail damage repair estimates. Hail damage is among the most aggressive and extreme damages a vehicle can face. It’s also more common in some places than other damages. If a hailstorm damaged your car, you most likely found this article while searching for information about its repair price.

You can prepare financially before visiting an auto body repair shop when you know the amount of money you’re likely to pay. What’s more, you can quickly spot an outrageous estimate when you have an idea of the ideal price to pay for this repair.

What Can Influence Auto Hail Damage Repair Estimates?

When considering the cost of hail damage repair, you should consider several factors. And these factors influence the amount you will pay for auto hail damage.

  • Damage extent: The extent of hail damage will influence the amount you will pay for the repair. If your car has minor hail damage, the repair shop will charge you a relatively low amount for the repair.
  • The deductible: Your insurance policy has information about the deductible or the amount you will pay for the repair before the benefits kick in. For instance, if the policy allows you a $500 deductible, you will pay this amount before your auto insurance covers the costs.
  • Repair type: The type of repair your vehicle requires will also influence the price. For instance, paintless dent repair costs less than conventional repair. However, this technique doesn’t apply to all dent repairs. If your car has extensive hail damage that has ruined the paint job, it may require conventional repair. And this will cost you more money.

Apart from these factors, different auto body repair shops charge varying prices for hail damage. For instance, one auto body shop can remove a small dent for $30 to $45. Others will charge $40 to $55 to remove medium-sized marks. On the other hand, significant dings cost more to remove, ranging from $75 to $80 per repair. On average, experts estimate that fixing dents arising from hail damage to be around $2,500.

Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Auto Hail Damage Repair Estimates

Many vehicle owners ask this question when requesting estimates for auto hail damage. In most cases, a comprehensive car policy covers the cost of fixing hail damage to a vehicle. Thus, having a complete insurance policy is good news for anyone seeking hail damage repair.

However, prepare to spend hours on the phone with the insurer. That’s because a hailstorm won’t affect your car only. Other people in the neighborhood will probably be seeking hail damage repair.

After the provider connects you with a PDR specialist or smash repairer, they will determine whether your car should be an economic write-off if hail damage exceeds its insured value. But if you don’t want to use insurance, hail damage can be a more straightforward fix. Nevertheless, it will cost you more money to repair your car for hail damage without insurance.

Benefits of Professional Hail Damage Repair

You may consider the cheapest option after getting estimates for hail damage repair. For instance, you can opt to repair hail damage without professional assistance. You can also go for the cheapest repairs available. But will this yield the best results?

Professional hail damage repair enables you to maintain the impressive look of your car. If you love the showroom appearance of your vehicle, getting professional hail damage repair is a perfect option. That way, your car will reflect your personality everywhere you drive it.

Nobody wants to work in a professional, high-paying sector with a dented or dinged car. Bringing your vehicle to Dent Dawg for professional repair will keep it looking fabulous. What’s more, professional hail damage repair can maintain your vehicle’s resale value.

At Dent Dawg, we charge reasonable prices for professional hail damage repair. Our service helps vehicle owners restore the like-new condition of their cars. If a hailstorm has damaged your vehicle, bring it to us for professional repair. We guarantee you quality hail damage repair at the best rates in the region.

Best Estimates and Guaranteed Quality Hail Damage Repair

Hail Damage - Paintless Dent Repair

Dent Dawg knows that vehicle owners and drivers don’t plan for hail damage. However, everybody wants to keep their vehicles looking amazing. Therefore, we give you the best estimate for our hail damage repair service and charge you a reasonable price. Our technicians are highly talented and qualified. They have a good track record of delivering excellent results with every hail damage repair appointment.

What’s more, we guarantee you that our repairs will last and withstand the test of time. Ideally, we’re the best experts to fix your hail-damaged vehicle. And we will do so at a reasonable price without compromising on quality.

Call Dent Dawg for the best auto hail damage repair estimates!