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Car Dent repair

You need a car dent repair service when the metalwork of a larger part of your vehicle is extensively damaged and requires panel replacement or repainting. The size of the damage is what differentiates a dent from a ding. A ding is metalwork damage that is limited to around half an inch in diameter. That means fixing the damage doesn’t involve repainting or panel replacement. Essentially, no large part of the metalwork is exposed to rusting when a vehicle has a ding. A dent, on the other hand, exposes a large part of the metalwork and it can be expensive to repair. 

A dent is almost unavoidable when you have a car. A person, a car, a bike, a ball, or any other foreign object can hit your vehicle at any time leading to the formation of a dent. To give your vehicle a brand new look, you must have the dent repaired. A dent can be repaired in a traditional dent repair method or paintless dent repair technique. 

Traditional Car Dent Repair

Traditional dent repair or removal is an old school method of fixing the dented part of a vehicle. It is a more tedious process and it may not provide a long-term solution. Traditional car dent removal can also lower your car’s resale value because it involves sanding, repainting, and the use of fillers. 

What’s more, traditional dent repair is not environmentally friendly because it involves the use of chemicals when repainting a vehicle. So, if you’re an eco-friendly person, traditional car dent removal might not be an ideal option for you.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent removal or PDR is the best alternative to traditional dent repair. It is a less invasive and environmentally-friendly repair method. This approach restores the factory-like condition of a vehicle faster without repainting, sanding, or the use of fillers. It can be used to remove dents, dings, hail damage, and auto body creases. 

Here’s how paintless dent removal is done: 

  • Our technicians assess the dent 
  • They gain entry to the underside of the dent 
  • They look at the dent carefully
  • They work out the dent by applying slow pressure and massaging the panel 


Our technicians use specialized tools to apply pressure and massage the panel’s exterior carefully to restore the original condition of the damaged panel. Since PDR does not involve repainting, it is completed within hours. But, how fast the paintless dent removal process is completed depends on the severity of the dent. Nevertheless, the results are amazing and the resale value of the vehicle is not affected. 

Our Car Dent Repair Process

Did a shopping trolley tangle with your car and left it with an unsightly dent? We know how it feels to have a dented car regardless of the cause or location of the damage. Luckily, we make removing any dent from your vehicle easier. We use high-quality materials, industry-leading expertise, and the latest technology to remove dents from all types of vehicles. Our dent removal process is professional, efficient, and affordable. 

Here are the steps to follow once you decide to remove a dent from your vehicle: 

  1. Call Dent Dawg first- Our customer care representative will take you through the process of removing the dent from your vehicle. 
  2. Drop off your car- Bring your vehicle to our auto body repair shop at any time. We will assess the damage and tell you when to pick your vehicle. 
  3. We will fix up the vehicle- Our crew will remove the dent from your vehicle using the agreed method. We will focus on restoring the pre-damage condition of your vehicle. 
  4. Pick your vehicle- We will remove the dent as quickly as possible using the right method. Our goal is to ensure that you will pick the vehicle with a brand-new look in no time. 
  5. Post-service care- We provide lasting solutions with our dent repair service. Should you have an issue with the fixed part of your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee you the highest quality standards with our repairs. 

Regardless of the model or make of your vehicle, our team will make sure that it looks brand new and dent-free again. Our vast experience, modern tools, and the use of the latest technologies enable us to provide superior dent repair. 

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Maybe your car has a dent that needs immediate removal. You might be wondering which method is ideal for removing the dent from your vehicle. Well, Dent Dawg has the right technicians to assess the damage and use the right method to fix it. Our service is efficient and prices are the most reasonable for both techniques. So, instead of struggling to remove the dent and damage your vehicle further, let us fix it. 

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