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Choosing Between OEM Parts and Aftermarket Parts for Auto Collision Repair

When it comes to auto collision repair, it’s important to note that auto parts are different. Once your vehicle has been involved in an accident or collision, a reputable auto collision shop will present several options for you to choose from. Common among them include aftermarket parts and OEM parts.

So, what is difference between aftermarket parts and OEM parts? Automakers manufacture OEM parts. Aftermarket parts on the other hand are made by independent companies. The difference may not seem big. However, you may end up spending more if you choose aftermarket parts for auto collision repair.

OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

When you choose aftermarket parts, you don’t know what you get. That’s because while some companies produce quality aftermarket parts, others produce cheap knock-offs that are simple imitations of OEM parts. The goal is to reduce production cost, sell the parts at low prices and make more money. That’s why it is reasonable to choose OEM parts for collision repair because you know the source of the parts.

Other reasons include safety, performance and resale value. OEM parts undergo crash tests during the rating process. Thus, you know that the parts will most likely hold up in the event of a crash. The performance of OEM parts is also superior to that of aftermarket parts. That’s because OEM parts are designed and made by automakers. Aftermarket parts on the other hand are made by independent companies. Thus, though they may function properly at first, they may fail prematurely if they are of poor quality. The resale value of a vehicle is another reason to choose OEM parts. A vehicle with low quality aftermarket parts will have a low resale value.

Final Thought

The decision to choose OEM or aftermarket parts for auto collision repair depends on the vehicle owner or driver. Although you can save money with aftermarket parts, you may sacrifice parts reliability, the overall safety of your vehicle, and performance. That’s why Dent Dawg recommends OEM parts for collision repair.

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