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Dent Dawg is the leading dent repair company in San Antonio. We’re certified technicians with a proven track record of fixing all types of dents. Whether your car has a minor cosmetic issue or a significant mark, our crew can fix it. We’ve been repairing dents for years and consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations. Be confident that we’re the most competent technicians to fix the marks on your vehicle.

We know that dealing with dings, dents, or other damage to your vehicle can drive you crazy. However, our dent specialists know how to restore the look that your vehicle had the day you rode in it out of the showroom. We’ve helped many vehicle owners fix the factory finish of their cars with our dent removal services. Whether you need help with dent removal after a minor accident or hail damage, we have the necessary expertise to fix the problem.

We believe that every car owner deserves a seamless experience when fixing a dent in their vehicle. For this reason, we make accessing and using our dent repair service a straightforward process. All you do is contact us requesting a free dent repair estimate or drive to our auto body repair shop. Our technicians will treat your car with the utmost respect once you choose our service.

Why Dent Dawg is the Best Dent Repair Company in San Antonio

Dent Repair Company in San Antonio

Dent Dawg is home to the most qualified auto body repair technicians. Our team consists of highly skilled dent repair technicians. These specialists have vast experience repairing dents on various vehicle makes and models.

Our training, skills, experience, and latest technologies enable us to provide the best dent repair services in San Antonio, Texas. We boast about our ability to consistently deliver safe, efficient, and quality dent removal services. What’s more, we adhere to the manufacturers and industry guidelines when repairing dents in all vehicles.

Upon bringing your vehicle to us, our technicians will safely assess the damage and repair it. Be confident that you’ll quickly be back on the road with a beautiful car after enlisting our dent repair service. Here’s what makes us the number #1 dent repair company.

  • Efficient dent repair: We repair dents and restore the vehicles’ appearance within hours. If your car has a minor ding, our paintless dent removal process will fix it within hours. Thus, you don’t have to leave your vehicle at our auto body repair shop. Our PDR process is efficient and affordable.
  • Maintaining the factory finish: Our paintless dent repair will keep your vehicle’s factory finish. That’s because we won’t use fillers or repaint your car. Instead, we will massage out the damaged part to its original position.
  • Comprehensive services: Apart from repairing the dent, we will assist you with paperwork and insurance. Thus, you won’t struggle to file a claim with your auto insurance provider.

We’ve received 5-start reviews from our clients for providing top-notch dent repairs. What’s more, our rates are the best you will get for quality dent removal in San Antonio.

Safe and Professional Dent Repair

Dent Repair
Dent Repair

Dent Dawg technicians are specialists with vast hands-on industry experience. In most cases, our specialists remove the tail lights, body panels, and interior panels if necessary to access the dent from the underside. These experts can view the dent shadows using advanced technology, enabling them to place tools at the right places. That way, they can massage the damaged parts to restore their original position.

Although we strive to use paintless dent repair to fix vehicles, some instances require traditional repair. For example, conventional repair might be a sounder option if your car has a deep dent or the impact stretches its due to the collision. Ideally, traditional dent repair is ideal for a vehicle with extensive paint damage. When fixing a severely scraped dent, our technicians will pull out your car’s crushed part to level it with the original surface.

After achieving an ideal smooth surface, our technicians will embark on a computerized paint-matching process. That way, they will match the new paint with your car’s original finish. Essentially, no dent is too big or complex for our technicians to fix. Trust us to make your vehicle look brand-new once you bring it to us for dent repair.

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Maybe a hailstorm left your vehicle with an unsightly dent that needs repair. Perhaps, a football, golf ball, crocket, bicycle, or shopping curt hit your car, causing a ding or scratch. We understand your frustration about having a small or large dent in your vehicle. Our crew will fix the damage quickly and safely to restore your car’s original appearance.

Fixing minor dents doesn’t entail sanding, filling, or painting. Instead, we use the PDR process to repair the damage without interfering with its original integrity. What’s more, such damage may not require you to contact your auto insurance provider.

But if your car has an extensive dent, especially after an accident, the traditional repair could be the best option. Luckily, we have the necessary expertise to fix the damage safely and efficiently. But the best way to determine whether PDR or traditional repair is the best solution to your dent is by visiting us for assessment. Our crew will scrutinize the damage to determine the damage extent and the best way to fix it.

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