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Dentless Auto Body Repair

Dent Dawg Auto Dent Repair is a professional team that offers quality dentless auto body repair for all types of vehicles. We remove shallow and minor dents from the body of vehicles without repainting them. We use paintless dent repair or PDR to remove dents. But, the vehicle finish or paint surface should be intact for this method to work. Chipped or cracked paint on the damaged area makes paintless dent repair inapplicable.

Typically, we employ paintless dent repair for dings on the doors, trunks, and fenders. We also use this method to remove dents caused by hailstorms and creases. This method of dent removal is less laborious and less expensive. That’s why it’s the best alternative to traditional auto body repair methods. It’s an industry-recognized process of repairing auto body damage and it maintains the resale value of a vehicle.

Dedicated Dentless Auto Body Repair Experts

We are the most dedicated dent removal experts. Our commitment to quality service provision and customer satisfaction has earned us an exceptional reputation in the industry. Trust us to save you time and eliminate headaches that come with dents once you drive your vehicle to our auto body shop for dent removal. Whether the dent on your vehicle is caused by a hailstorm, stray object, or minor collision, we will repair it in a stress-free manner.

Our focus is always on ensuring that you get the best results from hail damage. We are trained, certified, and experienced technicians with the right tools to remove dents from all types of vehicles. We aim at providing the most efficient service. In some cases, we take minutes to remove dents from vehicles though this depends with dents’ severity.  So, don’t panic if your vehicle has just sustained an unsightly dent.

Call us now to schedule dentless auto body repair and save money, time and avoid unnecessary stress!



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