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Hail and Dent Repair San Antonio

Nothing feels bad than having hail damage on your car. The experience is worse when you suspect that it might hail but you ignore moving your car into the carport only to wake up and find it with hail damage. But, when this happens, you definitely want to get the best hail and dent repair San Antonio service. When you take your car to a reputable auto dent repair shop, you can have it fixed professionally and efficiently. Nevertheless, there are things that you should do to get the most cost-effective hail and dent repair.

Check Your Auto Insurance

If you have a comprehensive auto insurance cover, hail damage is most likely covered by your policy. That’s because hail damage is considered as an ‘act of god’. As such, damage that results from it is covered by the insurance company. But, your deductible amount will vary depending on the policy.

Find a Reliable Auto Body Repair Shop

The next and most important step is to find a reliable auto body repair shop that can waive the deductible while restoring the pristine condition of your car. It is however important that you avoid requesting for a paint job. Unless the damaged surface is cracked, don’t apply paint. The best alternative is to go for paintless dent repair if it is applicable on your car. This is the most cost-effective method for removing dents and restoring the original condition of the car without altering its factory paint.

Conduct Some Research

To get quality hail and dent repair, conduct some research. Find out more about shops that offer paintless dent and hail repair. Ask for estimates from different shops and compare them. This will enable you to get quality repair at a reasonable price.

Dent Dawg specializes in hail and dent repair in San Antonio. We fix dents and dings resulting from hail damage and other causes. Call us anytime to get a free hail and dent repair San Antonio estimate!



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