How to Avoid the Auto Body Repairs Necessitated by Garage Damage

Many people damage their vehicles while pulling into their garages. If this is the case for you, you might be looking for the best auto body repairs more often. But, you are not the only vehicle owner with this problem. At Dent Dawg, we have clients that bring their vehicles for body repair at our shop very often due to garage damage.

Fortunately, you can avoid this auto damage issue if you become more careful. Here are some of the best ways to avoid the auto body repairs that are necessitated by garage damage.

Be Organized and Smart with the Space in Your Garage

If you have things everywhere in your garage, you will most likely have dents, scratches, and dings to deal with more often. Items like lawnmower, kids’ toys and bicycles can damage your vehicle very easily. It’s important that you keep them organized or remove them from your garage to avoid auto garage damage. An organized and neat space in the garage will reduce the possibility of damaging your vehicle.

Ensure Clear Visibility during the Day and at Night

The garage should be lit properly at night and during the day. If there are no windows to allow sunlight into your garage, install appropriate after dark lighting options. This will enable you to avoid misjudging the location of items and walls in the garage or the door opening edges. This is particularly the case for very tight garages that are designed to fit the vehicle.

Put Up a Soft Bumper or Tennis Ball

A common damage that necessitates auto body repair is pulling far into a garage thereby bumping the car’s front end. However, you can avoid this damage by placing a soft bumper at the front part of your garage. You can also hang a tennis ball strategically so that it can touch your vehicle’s windshield once you reach a point where you should stop driving forward. This will enable you to avoid the damage efficiently and easily.

If you have damaged your vehicle while pulling into the garage, call Dent Dawg to schedule auto body repair appointment. We can also give you a free auto body repair estimate. Just give us a call now!




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