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How to Paintless Dent Repair

If your vehicle’s body tends to have dents and dings more often, you may want to know how to paintless dent repair it. Even if you don’t want to do the repair yourself, you most likely want to know what exactly the technicians will do when you take your vehicle for repair.

Paintless dent repair is a form of specialized auto body repair which entails the use of special techniques and tools to reduce the size of dent slowly and gradually until it disappears completely. Dent Dawg has experienced technicians that have been repairing auto bodies with this technique successfully. They explain how paintless dent repair is done:

Damage Assessment

This is the first step of repairing an auto body with a paintless dent repair technique. The damage must be assessed to determine if it can be repaired with this technique. These experts note that it’s possible to repair most dents using this technique. However, some dents may not be repairable with this technique. These include dents that are near the edges, very deep dents, dents with creases, dents on older vehicles, and dents that involve paint damage.

Preparation of the Area

To know how to paintless dent repair a vehicle, you need the right tools for accessing the dent’s backside. Accessing the dent’s backside requires you to determine the right path to take. This may entail the removal of interior panels of a vehicle or some body parts. The right tools should be used to remove the panels carefully without damaging other parts of the vehicle. Once both sides of a dent are accessible, the repair can be performed.

Paintless Dent Removal

This part of the repair process requires experience and time. You must know how to place the tools on the damaged part carefully and apply pressure on the dent. Make sure that you do not damage the other parts of the auto body. Fluorescent lighting can be used to create shadows on the dent to determine the right place to place special tools. In some cases, special glue is used to ensure the proper application of pressure on both the back and the front side of the damaged part. The outer edge with a dent is manipulated slowly until the part bends back to the surface level.

Final Thought

If you want to learn how to remove dents with paintless dent repair, take the time to conduct extensive research. Also, get the right supplies and tools then spend time practicing with metal panels from the junkyard. Don’t attempt to do the repair on your vehicle without the right tools and experience.

Dent Dawg has experienced technicians that know how to paintless dent repair vehicles. Our team has removed many dents using this technique over the years. Drive to our auto body repair shop now to have your vehicle repaired by the most qualified technicians!




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