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San Antonio Hit With Hail On April 12, 2016

Local Dent Repair Body Shop in San Antonio

Dent Dawg is a local dent repair shop in San Antonio with a sterling reputation for providing exceptional services. We know what driving a dented car means and why you want any ding fixed professionally the moment it happens. Perhaps, you were going to your workplace when somebody hit your car’s door. Someone can also slam your car’s door at the parking lot. A stray shopping cart can hit your truck, SUV, or truck at the grocery store. These are some things that may necessitate visiting a local dent repair shop.

At Dent Dawg, we understand the frustrations that a dent can bring to you. Therefore, we provide superior dent repair to restore the excellent appearance of your vehicle once you get it to our shop. Our car dent repair specialists restore different vehicles to their pre-collision conditions faster and safely.

Whether it’s a minor fender bender, a small dent, or a severe dent, our experts will fix it. We have a professionally trained team of dent removal specialists with vast hands-on experience and state-of-the-art equipment. Our technicians can restore minor or significant damage to your vehicle, whether a classic car or a luxury vehicle.

What’s more, we can replace any damaged part of the vehicle, including quarter panels, fenders, and bumpers. Contact or visit us for quality and efficient dent repair.

Why Choose a Local Dent Repair Body Shop in San Antonio, Texas

After a hailstorm or collision leaves your car with a dent, you may wonder about the best place to take it for repair. Perhaps, you’re unsure whether to take your vehicle to a local dent repair shop or a dealership. Dent Dawg is a local dent repair body shop that has earned local drivers’ and vehicle owners’ trust. Here are reasons to bring your vehicle to us for dent repair.

  • Affordable dent repair: Our dent repair body shop charges low amounts for similar repair work compared to dealerships. Perhaps, that’s because dealerships charge a higher hourly fee and use name-brand parts.
  • We’re well equipped: Our technicians are well-equipped to handle different dent repairs. Whether it’s a minor scratch or hail damage that needs paintless dent repair, we can take the task and complete it efficiently. Our experts can restore the pre-accident condition of your vehicle without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • No pushing you for unnecessary repairs: Most dealerships try to convince vehicle owners to pay for unnecessary repairs. That’s because they use a checklist of the items that they must check with all repairs. Some can even convince you to replace the brake pads, change the tires, or spend money on issues that don’t relate to collision damage. On the other hand, Dent Dawg isn’t pushy. Apart from inspections, we won’t convince you to enlist our other services after fixing the dent.

Although you may need a dealership for complex car-specific issues, our local dent repair body shop will care for your vehicle after a collision. And this will save you money and restore the pre-collision condition of your car.

The Best Auto Body Shop for Dent Repair

Dent Repair
Paintless Dent Repair

Dent Dawg is the best place to bring your car for dent removal. In most cases, paintless dent repair works for minor, unsightly marks on vehicles. However, traditional dent repair may be the best option in some cases.

Our dent repair experts restore every car to its factory specs. Traditional dent repair becomes necessary if the impact stretches your vehicle’s aluminum or metal parts. What’s more, conventional repair becomes essential if the damage is too severe, if the collision damaged or scratched the paint, or if located where paintless dent repair can’t work correctly.

Our technicians have the necessary equipment to pull out the vehicle’s damaged area until it’s level with the initial surface or aligned correctly. If the impact crushed a part of the vehicle beyond repair, we can replace it. We can install a new fender or bumper and restore your car’s original appearance.

After restoring the damaged parts to ideal surfaces, we can smooth and buff them and paint your vehicle if necessary. We use the exact paint color to restore the pre-damage appearance of the car when you bring it to us for repair. Thus, the damaged part won’t be visible, and the repair will meet the highest quality standards.

Let Experts Fix Your Car Dent Today!

Dent Dawg is a modern, local dent repair shop with highly experienced technicians. Our crew has the necessary training, knowledge, and tools to fix dents in all vehicle makes and models. Whether your car has a severe or minor mark, our technicians will assess and fix it professionally and efficiently. Your ultimate satisfaction with our services is our utmost priority. Each of our crew members knows the essence of providing flawless dent repair. Be confident that we will restore your car’s original glory upon bringing it to our shop. What’s more, we will charge you a reasonable fee and provide top-notch repair with a rapid turnaround. Contact Dent Dawg to work with the best local dent repair body shop in San Antonio, Texas! 
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