Paintless Dent Removal San Antonio

Paintless dent removal San Antonio service involves a process that requires skills and experience to perform. In fact, some people consider paintless dent removal an art. That’s because it entails removing dings and dent that have not ruined or compromised the paint of a vehicle.

Typically, this process is used to remove damage that is caused by bumps, dings, hail, and shopping carts. In most cases, the damage is covered by the auto insurance. Shallow dents whose diameter measures several inches are repaired with paintless dent removal successfully. Nevertheless, the paint and metal should not be compromised or stretched for the process to work.

Experienced Paintless Dent Removal San Antonio Specialists

At Dent Dawg, we have highly trained technicians with vast experience in removing dents via this process. We take time to train our technicians to remove dents via this technique before they engage in actual dent removal on their own. We use different techniques and tools like body picks, glue and steel rods to attach pulling tabs.

We fine tune our repairs by knocking down the high spots, shrinking and flattening the metal. Our paintless dent removal process is applicable on both aluminum and steel panels. After completing the work, you will not even notice the point where the dent was. That’s because we have mastered the art of repairing vehicles with the paintless dent removal process.

Let Us Remove Dents on Your Vehicle Today!

Dent Dawg is determined to help you remove the dents on your vehicle. We are technicians that have the necessary skills, experience, tools and equipment to do a great job. Our staffs are friendly and they will answer any question that you may have regarding our service. What’s more we offer free upfront estimates.

Call us now or stop by to engage the best paintless dent removal San Antonio service!



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