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Paintless Dent San Antonio

If you have a vehicle with a minor dent, you can have it fixed with paintless dent San Antonio service. Paintless dent removal is an innovative technique of repairing minor dings, dents, and hail damage efficiently and cost-effectively. This process takes less time and money when it comes to dent removal as compared to traditional dent repair.

Dent Dawg has experts that have been removing dents from the surfaces of different vehicles over the years. Once you drive to our auto body shop or engage our mobile service, the dents on your vehicle are removed by highly trained and experienced technicians. They remove the unsightly dents from the surface of your vehicle without damaging the original paint finish.

Why Engage Our Paintless Dent San Antonio Service?

Dent Dawg has trained professionals that use specialized tools and equipment to massage dings and dents out gently from the underside of the vehicle panels. This leads to restoration of the original shape of the damaged panels. The outer finish of your vehicle is not disturbed. What’s more, paintless dent removal does not involve sanding, painting or priming. This makes it an eco-friendly procedure.

The major benefits of our paintless dent removal service include:

  • Preservation of the vehicle’s value- When you decide to sell your car, it will sell at its pre-damage value because paintless dent removal retains the original warranty of the manufacturer paint.
  • Maintain the original appearance of the car- Our paintless dent removal process does not involve repainting the vehicle. As such, there are no issues of wrong matching of the paint texture or color.
  • Money saving- You get quality results at a fraction of the total cost of conventional auto body work.
  • Time saving- Minor dings and dents on the door can be repaired within minutes or hours.
  • Environmental protection- Paintless dent repair does not involve the use of fillers or paint and other hazardous chemicals.

Dent Dawg has the necessary expertise and technology to provide quality paintless dent repair. Call us now to schedule paintless dent San Antonio repair appointment!



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