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Paintless Hail Repair| Affordable and Efficient Dent Removal

Paintless hail repair provides an affordable way to remove the dents caused by hailstones. Inclement weather can cause serious damage to a vehicle. And, removing the dents that hailstones leave behind can be frustrating, especially if you don’t where to find the right professionals for the job. 

Luckily, Dent Dawg can help you if you’re in San Antonio, Texas. We use this safe, efficient, and effective technique to remove the structural and cosmetic damage caused by hailstones. Paintless dent repair or PDR removes dents of varying depths and sizes from the surface of a vehicle. So, if your vehicle was damaged by a hailstorm, we can fix it. 

Hail can lead to serious damage to a vehicle. It can cause bruises and dents on your vehicle and ruin its impressive appearance. Thankfully, paintless dent repair is a modern, less time-consuming, and affordable technique for fixing the damage caused by hailstones. Once you bring your vehicle to us for hail repair, you drive it away looking like it never had hail damage.

What is Paintless Hail Repair?

Hailstones vary in size. Some are large with the size of a golf ball while others are small with a pea-size. Our paintless repair process entails the removal of the dents caused by small hailstones without painting the vehicle. Essentially, we maintain your vehicle’s original factory finish when we fix hail damage using this technique. 

Using this technique to fix hail damage will save you money, time, and the finish of your vehicle. Your vehicle will be eligible for repair using this method if it has sustained small hail damage. This technique can be used to fix hail damage on steel and aluminum vehicles, as long as the paint surface has not been damaged. Thus, we can fix the hail damage on your vehicle using this technique provided it is not scratched or cracked. 

Additionally, the surface should not have sharp edges or torn metal for this technique to be used to fix hail damage. Nevertheless, our experienced crew will assess your vehicle carefully to determine whether this technique can be used to fix hail damage and yield the desired results. 

How it Works

Just like the name suggests, this technique does not entail the application of new paint on the surface of a vehicle. It’s a process of repairing the dings and dents caused by hailstones without painting a vehicle. It’s a delicate process and only techniques with extensive training and vast experience can perform the repairs properly. At Dent Dawg, we have professionals that are equipped with specialized tools and equipment for removing dings and dents caused by hailstones safely and efficiently. 

The process requires a strategic approach. Our technicians start by assessing hail damage on the surface of a vehicle. Since this repair technique requires careful attention, our technicians may need extra time to fix the damage. It involves preparatory works like damage assessment on the panel using specific lighting. This enables our technicians to determine the most effective way to remove the dings and dents caused by hailstones. Using specialized tools, our technicians precisely and slowly push out the dents from the underneath of the panel.

How Paintless Dent Repair Fix Hail Damage

Dent Repair
Dent Repair

Most dents caused by hailstones can be removed using this technique. However, the damage caused by hailstones can vary significantly. Therefore, you should bring your vehicle to our auto dent repair shop to have it assessed by our technicians. That’s the only way you can determine whether paintless dent repair is the best technique for fixing the damage. 

Nevertheless, minor dings and dents, especially those caused by small hailstones are easy to remove using this technique. What’s more, this technique restores the panels of a vehicle to their original condition. Essentially, PDR is an efficient, affordable, and safe technique for fixing dings and dents that are caused by hailstones. 

Unlike traditional dent repair, this technique does not involve sanding, application of fillers, or repainting of the damaged panels. You also won’t have the damaged panels replaced. Grinding away paint on the damaged part and sanding, as well as, the application of Bondo fillers to the cavity of the dent is expensive and time-consuming. That’s because several paint coats have to be applied. 

To avoid this, our professionals use a highly efficient, effective, and safe method to fix hail damage. We have invested in modern tools and equipment to ensure that we fix minor dings and dents efficiently and restore the pre-damage condition of a vehicle. In some cases, we can fix the damage within minutes. Thus, you might not even be required to leave your vehicle or use a rental car service. 

Let PDR Experts Fix Vehicle’s Hail Damage for You

As hinted, paintless dent repair is a delicate process. The process is specialized and specific. As such, it should be completed by skilled, experienced, and reputable technicians. Dent Dawg has highly trained and experienced professionals that have been fixing hail damage using specialized tools and equipment. We have restored the pre-damage conditions of many vehicles and exceeded the expectations of our clients. 

Our technicians are certified professionals that treat your vehicle like theirs. We have the training, tools, and equipment required to fix the small dings and dents that a hailstorm leaves on your vehicle. We perform our hail damage repair efficiently and professionally. What’s more, our hail damage repair service is affordable. 

If your car has sustained hail damage, bring it to us for a professional assessment. Our crew will assess the damage carefully to determine if paintless dent repair can work for your vehicle. If this technique can fix the damage, our crew will work with you to come up with a repair schedule. We will take the shortest time possible to repair your vehicle so that you can get behind the wheels again. 

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