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PDR Repair near Me

When you need the most affordable, least intrusive, and fastest dent removal you can ask a friend or relative, where do I get PDR repair near me? Paintless dent repair is a process of removing dents from an auto body without using paint, fillers or other materials. It entails the use of specialized tools to massage the affected part slowly and gradually until the dent disappears.

Dent Dawg is a team of experienced technicians that have been performing PDR repair in San Antonio for many years. We have used this technique to remove dings and dents from different types of vehicles over the years. Drive to our auto body repair center to have the dents on your vehicle removed by the most qualified experts.

Efficient PDR Repair near Me

A major reason to opt for this technique for dent removal is to save time. Our technicians are trained in paintless dent removal. They use the latest equipment and state-of-the-art technologies to complete all dent repairs without affecting the factory paint of a vehicle.

We repair dents on different models and makes of vehicles using this technique. Our PDR process is meticulous and specialized. It is designed to restore the original shape and look of a vehicle by massaging the dented panels without damaging the other parts. Our technicians have used this technique to remove dings, hail damage, minor creases and dents for years without compromising the factory paint finish of vehicles.

Get a Free Estimate

If your vehicle has dents, dings or creases, stop by our auto body repair shop in San Antonio to request a free PDR repair estimate. You can also call us today to inquire about our service. We also repair lease vehicles before they are turned in. This enables our clients to eliminate or minimize potential tear and wear charges.

Stop asking where do I get PDR repair near me and drive to our auto body repair shop today!  

December 29, 2018