PDR Repair San Antonio

Dent Dawg specializes in the provision of professional PDR repair San Antonio service. Paintless dent repair refers to a process of removing dents while maintaining its resale value. This process leaves the original paint of the vehicle intact. Additionally, PDR costs just a fraction of the amount that you would pay for the replacement of all damaged vehicle panels.

Our technicians inspect the damaged vehicle parts thoroughly to determine if paintless dent removal is ideal for them. In modern standard vehicles, the original paint is flexible. That means minor dents can be repaired without the need to paint them. Nevertheless, this depends on the location and depth of the damage.

Professional PDR Repair San Antonio

Our dent removal service is offered by technicians that have undergone extensive training and acquired vast experience. These know how PDR repair should be done and where it is applicable. This process can also be used for low impact dent removal and hail damage repair. It entails careful kneading of minor dings and dents without removing or adding paint on the vehicle.

We use this technique to deal with outer panel indentations or strikes that have not stripped the paint from a vehicle. It’s important to note that this process may not be applicable for dents that are located on the edges or hood of the door panel. Nevertheless, your vehicle will be in the right hands once you hire us to fix the dent.

Guaranteed Quality and Satisfaction

To ensure quality results with paintless dent repair, we access the dent back and use specialized tools for dent removal. These tools enable the technicians to view the dent on both sides while painters apply pressure to manipulate the dents. This restores the dented part back to its shape.

There are cases where fluorescent light boards are used to create shadows on the dents. These enable our technicians to navigate the damaged parts and manipulate dents to their level. Once the tools are used around the dent edges to extract it carefully, the size minimizes and it disappears eventually.

Let’s Repair Your Vehicle Today!

Dent Dawg uses specialized tools and modern technology for PDR repair. We ensure that the vehicles that we repair are restored back to their pre-accident condition. Whether it’s a major dent or minor ding, drive to our shop in San Antonio and we will repair it.

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