PDR San Antonio

PDR San Antonio

Looking for the best PDR San Antonio service? Then get in touch with Dent Dawg right away. PDR stands for paintless dent repair. It’s a dent removal process that maintains the original, factory paint of a vehicle while removing surface imperfections.

If you have noticed a dent on your vehicle, bring it to us to have it inspected carefully by our technicians to determine if it can be fixed with PDR. Our technicians have the necessary skills, experience, and tools to assess dents and determine whether they can be fixed with PDR.

There are times when a dent is too extensive and therefore impossible to fix with PDR. Nevertheless, our technicians will inspect the dent on your vehicle carefully to determine if it can be fixed with PDR and do the job.

Preparation of the Dented Area

After assessing the dent on the surface of your vehicle, our technicians will prepare it for removal. Proper removal of an auto dent using PDR method requires a pathway. That’s because technicians should access the backside of a dent to remove it. Creation of a pathway may entail removing tail lights, interior panels, and body panels that might be blocking access. Once a free path has been created, the area is prepared and light directed to the problem. The paintless dent removal process will start at this point.

The Procedure

The procedure of repairing the dent starts by firing up specialized tools for efficiency and precision. Pressure is applied onto the dent’s underside and distortions are massaged away carefully. This process does not harm the surface finish because polyurethane paints are used on modern vehicles and gauge materials are thinner, therefore more flexible. This procedure pushes dent flat effectively so that they can match the areas that surround them. It leaves no evidence of imperfections to the naked eyes. Our technicians will treat the dented areas and restore the original finish of your vehicle.

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