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Dent Dawg is a team of reputable San Antonio dent repair experts. We fix all types of car dents focusing on helping our clients restore the original look of their vehicles. Once you visit us for dent removal, you drive an amazing-looking vehicle with no unsightly dings.

A car dent is an unfortunate fact in life. Nobody wants to have a mark on their vehicle. No matter how careful you’re with your car, you will have a dent at some point. That’s because faults occur even on the cars of the most careful drivers. Luckily, we can always help you remove unsightly dings from your vehicle.

At Dent Dawg, we have the most qualified specialists with vast hands-on experience removing large and minor dents. We also have mobile dent repair specialists that will come to your location to fix your vehicle’s damage. Our team wants you to enjoy the most convenient dent removal service. Regardless of your San Antonio location, contact us to set up your dent repair appointment with us. We will be glad to come over and fix the dent on your vehicle.

Our dent repair experts in San Antonio will remove round dents and car dings from small objects that might have hit your car. Small things can scratch or bend your car body or cut into the paint to damage the beneath metal. From the bumper to the side panel, our experts will fix any dent on your car regardless of location.

The Most Competent San Antonio Dent Repair Experts

Dent Dawg has the most qualified experts to fix minor and significant dents on your car. For small or minor marks, we use our innovative paintless dent repair technique. Our dent repair experts can fix such damages and correct imperfections as efficiently and quickly as possible. And this allows you to go back to your schedule with your car looking like it never had the damage.

Paintless dent repair entails restoring the dented metal to the original form by massaging out the dent gently from behind. Our team employs modern techniques using innovative tools to remove dings faster and safely. PDR is a quicker and affordable dent removal method. What’s more, it maintains the factory finish of your vehicle. That’s because it does not entail the use of fillers or painting the car.

Our paintless dent repair will remove minor dents that can taint the beautiful look of your vehicle. It restores a tired-looking car to the “as-new” look. And our dent removal comes with a free estimate and a satisfaction guarantee.

We have extensively trained and experienced dent repair experts that use advanced equipment to fix all dings. Our continued investment in modern tools and training enables us to provide superior services to our clients. Be confident you will get a dent repair service worth your money value.

Our Dent Repair Process

PDR San Antonio
paintless dent removal

Our crew focuses on ensuring that every client gets their desired results. To achieve this, we follow a dent repair process that our technicians have tried and proven effective. Here’s what you can expect once you enlist our service.

  • Damage Assessment: Our dent repair experts will start by assessing the damage to your vehicle. And this will enable them to determine whether to use the traditional dent repair technique or PDR. Our technicians will discuss the damage to your vehicle in detail and recommend the most effective repair method.
  • Dent Repair: After assessing the damage, our technicians will embark on the repair process. We will use traditional or PDR techniques to remove the dents based on the assessment. Our technicians have the best tools, products, and methods for eliminating dings from all types of vehicles.
  • Vehicle Pick Up: After removing the dent, we will clean and wash your car before picking it up. We will also inspect your vehicle to ensure that our crew has done an excellent job.

Our PDR process is the most cost-effective solution for repairing minor dings and dents. It’s an excellent option for unsightly, minor damage from hail storms, shopping carts, and unexpected bumps. However, the dent’s location and size determine whether PDR is the most appropriate technique for fixing it. That’s why you should contact us to schedule your car dent assessment.

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San Antonio Dent Repair Experts

Do you have an unsightly dent that you want to remove? Are you looking for the best experts to repair the damage to your car at a reasonable price? Well, Dent Dawg technicians are the best to remove any dent from your vehicle. Whether you need traditional dent repair or paintless dent removal, we have the necessary expertise to do the job.

We guarantee you: 

  • Affordable dent repair
  • Mobile dent removal service
  • Efficient dent repair
  • Warranty for the repairs

Each of our technicians possesses vast experience in the repair of dents on different types of vehicles. Whether you have a saloon car, SUV, or truck, we can remove the mark on it.

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