Tips for Finding a Reputable Local Auto Body Shop

Finding a reputable local auto body shop in San Antonio is not easy. Currently, there are many auto body repair shops that you can choose from. However, you should take your vehicle to a body shop that provides quality repairs at the most reasonable prices.

Here are tips to help you find a reputable local auto body shop in San Antonio:

Get Recommendations

Perhaps, you have family members or friends that have used services of a local auto body shop for some time. Before you drive there to use the services of that auto body shop, ask them about their experience with it. Find out if they are happy and whether the shop is worth considering. This is particularly helpful if the local shop doesn’t advertise its services online.

Ask Questions

Do not drive to an auto body shop and ask them how much they will charge to fix the damage. Instead, ask about their repairs first. Find out whether they provide warranties. Also inquire about the parts that will be used. Will the shop use OEM parts or aftermarket parts? How much will you pay for the extra cost of possible hidden damage? You will get a more accurate answer when you ask more questions.

Get Multiple Estimates

To find a reliable auto body shop, get estimates from different shops. This will enable you to compare estimates to find a shop that offers quality and affordable repairs. A very high estimate is mostly an indication of a shop that overcharges for its services. However, a too low estimate can indicate shoddy repairs and poor quality parts.

Trust your Instinct

A poorly organized and dirty auto body repair shop is probably not an ideal choice. A neat, well-run, and clean body shop will most likely do a great job. Take time to learn about the manager, owner, and mechanics at the shop. Decide whether to take your vehicle for body repair there depending on what you feel about the shop and its staff.

Finding a good auto body shop in San Antonio can be challenging. However, you can enjoy peace of mind when you choose Dent Dawg. That’s because we have the skills, experience, and machinery to ensure that your vehicle is repaired safely, professionally and efficiently. Call us now or bring your vehicle to our shop in San Antonio to get superior auto body repairs.


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