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Hail Damage Car Repair Estimate

Hail Damage Car Repair Estimate

If a storm tortured your vehicle, you may want to get a hail damage car repair estimate. Those large hail pellets can cause overwhelming damage to a vehicle. The experience can be challenging because you have to find a reputable auto body repair shop, involve your auto insurance provider and have the damage fixed in a timely manner.

Putting off repairs can lead to more damage and complicate the issue further. But, regardless of the extent of hail damage on your car, there are things that you should know first. At Dent Dawg Auto Dent Repair, we want to make your experience as seamless as possible. That’s why we share things that you should know before you get an estimate.

Things to Know Before You Get Hail Damage Car Repair Estimate

Before you contact your auto insurance company or even an auto body repair shop, clean the exterior of your vehicle. That’s because it’s easy to detect dents and other forms of damage on a clean car. Thus, cleaning a car ensures that nothing is overlooked.

It’s also important that you pay keen attention to the current condition of your vehicle. If the car is inspected at a place with direct sunlight, viewing all dents can be a challenge. An inside location with proper lighting is the best because the light will reflect dents. Generally, an inside location with proper lights or outside under a shade is the best place to inspect a vehicle for hail damage.

Additionally, take your vehicle to a reputable hail damage repair shop. An ideal shop has professionally trained and experienced technicians that fix hail damage. These know what to inspect a vehicle for and the best method for repairing hail damage.

At Dent Dawg Auto Dent Repair, we employ paintless dent repair because it is efficient, safe, and cost-effective. It does not interfere with the original paint finish. PDR uses the original frame of a vehicle while restoring its exteriors. Thus, the original look of your vehicle is not compromised with PDR.

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