Fix Hail Damage Car

When your vehicle suffers hail damage, you need help of experts that fix hail damage car problems. Hail damage is among the major issues that are faced by vehicle owners. In most cases, vehicles are hit by mild hail damage. Mild damage is in some cases barely noticeable. Nevertheless, golf ball or baseball-size hail can strike and cause serious damage on a car.

Large hail stones can damage the body and windshield of a vehicle and necessitate the attention of experienced professionals. Unless you have undergone training and acquired relevant experience, you should not attempt to repair a hail damaged car. That’s because you may end up causing further damage that will cost you more money to repair. Essentially, hail damage should be fixed by experts of a reputable auto body shop with the right skills, experience and tools.

How Experts Fix Hail Damage Car Problems

Paintless dent repair or PDR is the most common method that is used to fix hail damage. However, some auto body shops use body fillers too. At Dent Dawg Auto Dent Repair, we use paintless dent repair because it is safe, quick and effective. This technique entails pushing out dents from the inner side of the body panel using specialized tools. The result of using this technique is a smooth surface with the original factory paint finish.

Our technicians have the expertise and tools that enable them to access the dent from the underside to remove trims. They use dent removal tools to push dents outwards gently. Our innovative tools enable them to remove both large and small dents safely. This method is eco-friendly because it doesn’t involve the use of body fillers or chemicals. It’s also cheaper.

Schedule Hail Damage Repair Today!

PDR is the most ideal method for repairing a hail damaged vehicle especially when you intend to sell it in the future. A traditional hail damage repair method like use of body fillers can lower the value of a vehicle. What’s more, PDR is a faster process. Our technicians are ready to inspect your vehicle, give you a quote, and repair your vehicle.

Call or visit us now to get help from experts that fix hail damage car issues safely, professionally and efficiently!


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