PDR San Antonio

Paintless Car Dent Removal San Antonio

Dent Dawg offers a highly professional paintless car dent removal San Antonio service. Once you drive your dented vehicle to our auto body repair shop, we start by inspecting its damage thoroughly. This enables us to determine if the damage can be fixed with paintless dent repair.

Most modern vehicles come with flexible original factory paint. That means it’s possible to repair minor dents without repainting a vehicle. However, this depends on the location and depth of the dents.

Paintless dent repair is a process that is used to repair low-impact dents and hail damage. It entails careful kneading of minor dings and dents without removing or adding paint on the vehicle. Our technicians use this technique to deal with outer panel indentations and strikes that have not stripped the original paint of the vehicle.

Why Choose Our Paintless Car Dent Removal San Antonio Service?

We use a paintless car dent removal process that enables us to fix different types of dings and dents at a lower cost when compared to traditional auto body repair procedures. Some of the reasons why we are the leaders in the provision of paintless car dent removal service in San Antonio include:

  • We are always revolutionizing paintless car dent removal through continuous innovation and technology. This has earned us the top position in the auto dent removal industry.
  • We maintain the value of a vehicle with our paintless dent removal process. We remove dings and dents that decrease vehicles’ resale value while maintaining their original factory paint finish.
  • We deliver fast turnaround time. In most cases, we remove unsightly dents and dings the same day allowing our customers to focus on more important things.
  • We provide highly professional and reliable repairs. Our paintless car dent removal is backed by 100% customer satisfaction.

Dent Dawg is committed to quality in every aspect of service delivery. Call us now to engage the best paintless car dent removal San Antonio service!



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