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Paintless Dent Removal Process

Paintless dent removal process requires expertise and use of specialized tools to achieve excellent results. Dent Dawg has professionally trained and experienced technicians that are equipped with specialized tools for paintless dent removal. Using specialized tools, our technicians carefully access dents from the back. These tools enable them to view dents from both sides. They also enable them to apply the necessary pressure accordingly when manipulating dents. This leads to their eventual removal and restoration of the original shape of the affected vehicle panels.

It’s important to note that there are cases where our technicians use a fluorescent light board in order to create shadows on the dents. This enables them to navigate the damaged parts and easily manipulate dents to the original level of the panel surface. After using these tools carefully on the dent edges for purposes of extraction, the dent size minimizes gradually and eventually disappears.

The Process

Our paintless dent removal process entails application of the necessary force from underside the body of the vehicle to push out the dented part and smooth it out. Another tool is utilized to prevent the applied force from the underside from making the affected part rise too far outwards. This is very important because if it is not done with care, it can create a noticeable bump on the vehicle surface instead of smoothing it out.

Basically, paintless dent repair is a cosmetic process that should be done by a trained and experienced professional with the right tools. After repair, the affected part is carefully inspected to ensure that it is at the same level with the other parts of the vehicle.

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Dent Dawg uses specialized tools and the latest technology in providing a paintless dent removal service. Whether your vehicle has a major dent or even a minor ding, we can repair it and restore its pre-damage condition.

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