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PDR Car Dent Removal

PDR car dent removal entails manipulation of the dented panels back to their shape and position. With this method, you don’t have to bondo, paint, or sand the dent. The method is employed by technicians with skills and experience in the use of specialized tools to re-sculpt the dented parts from behind. Thus, the original paint finish is not interfered with.

This car dent removal method can be used to repair different types of auto body damage. However, for this method to be applicable, the paint surface must be intact. In most cases, the method is used to repair door dings, hail damage, large dents, and minor creases. It’s also used to prepare damaged metal panels for repainting thereby minimizing body fillers usage.

When PDR Car Dent Repair is Not Applicable

If damage stretches the car metal panel, PDR may not be applicable. If the paint of a vehicle is not flexible, PDR may not be applicable. However, most vehicles come with flexible paint that allows for PDR car dent removal. This method can be used to remove dents whose diameter is several inches as long as the paint and metal is not stretched. Our experienced technicians repair shallow and large dents using this method though sharp dents might not be possible to repair with PDR.

Some of the advantages of this dent removal method include:

  • It restores the vehicle’s original look without repainting or bodywork.
  • It is less expensive when compared to traditional dent removal since it involves fewer steps.
  • PDR is quicker and efficient.
  • PDR does not involve the use of products that are detrimental to the environment and paint. This makes it an eco-friendly option since it does not release harmful substances to the environment.

PDR dent removal is the best choice for small dents and dings repair. It’s quicker, cheaper, and eco-friendly. It also maintains the resale value of a vehicle. Call us now or visit our shop to find out if PDR car dent removal is the best solution for the damage on your vehicle!




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