Paintless Ding Removal

Dent Dawg Auto Dent Repair is your one-stop shop for paintless ding removal and other auto body repairs. We provide superior workmanship and higher quality service level. That’s because all our dents and dings repairs are done by the most qualified and experienced technicians. Essentially, dents and dings repair requires time to master. Our technicians have taken time to learn how to remove dings and they have acquired vast experience over the years.

Once you choose to have the dings on your vehicle removed with the paintless dents and dings removal process, you save time and money. That’s because no sanding, repainting, and use of fillers is required. This implies that dings are removed at a fraction of the total cost of the traditional dents and dings removal process. Our technicians can remove minor dents and dings efficiently and cost-effectively anytime.

Reliable Paintless Ding Removal Service

Dent Dawg Auto Dent Removal employs the latest technology and innovative tools to remove unsightly dings from the surface of a vehicle.

Here are some of the things to have in mind when it comes to ding removal:

  • In most cases, small dings can be removed with paintless dent and ding removal method.
  • The original paint finish should not be cracked or chipped for this method to work.
  • Paintless ding and dent removal can be applied on all models and makes of vehicles although access can vary depending on the automobile manufacturers.
  • Creases and sharp edges, double wall metals, body lines, cracked or missing paint surfaces determine whether PDR is a viable repair method.

If our technicians conclude that PDR won’t work on your vehicle after careful and thorough assessment, they will recommend conventional repair and give you a competitive estimate. Nevertheless, we give PDR priority because it is less time-consuming, affordable and it maintains the body work’s integrity. That means less time and more money in your pocket.

Call us now to get answers to questions that you may have about paintless ding removal, get a free estimate, or to schedule a ding removal appointment!


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