Paintless Dent Repair Vs Body Shop

Once your vehicle sustains a dent, you can opt to have the dented part filled and then refinished. Alternatively, you can take it to a paintless dent repair facility where the dent will be removed through the manipulation of the affected part. That means no fillers or chemicals will be used to remove the dent. Here are some of the things to know about paintless dent repair Vs body shop repair.

Body Shop Repair

If your vehicle has extensive or heavy damage that is characterized by broken paint, a body shop could be the best choice. However, basketball-sized dent, hail damage, or door dings can be repaired better through the paintless dent removal method. Once you choose a body shop, be ready to have your vehicle stay at the facility for weeks.

Essentially, the technicians at the body shop remove the vehicle’s original paint at the damaged part. This is followed by putty-like fillers application on the damaged part. This is allowed to set, dry and harden. The fillers are then sanded after which a primer has to be applied and allowed time to dry. A paint coat is then applied, hopefully matching the original car paint. A clear coat is also applied over the car paint. The car is eventually cleaned, polished and driven to you. Unfortunately, this is a time-consuming and usually expensive process.

Paintless Dent Repair

Time and cost are the main factors to consider when it comes to paintless dent repair Vs body shop repair. Paintless dent repair is less-time consuming and less costly. It entails removing dings and dents using precise tools. These specialized tools attack dents from the underside. Using precise tools, technicians reach inside doors, between panels, and behind fenders to push dents away and return metal panels back to their original shape and position.

Unlike body shop repair, paintless dent repair does not entail repainting and refinishing a vehicle. The original paint and finish remain intact. What’s more, repairs are undetectable in most cases. This repair can be completed in a fraction of the time required for body shop repair. It’s also eco-friendly because no chemicals and fillers are used.

At Dent Dawg Auto Dent Repair, we take time to analyze the nature and extent of dents before we recommend the most appropriate repair method. If your vehicle has sustained unsightly dents, we can have a look at it and repair it.

Call or visit us for more information about paintless dent repair Vs body shop repair, get a free estimate, or even schedule a dent removal appointment!  



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